LJA Engineering Acquires KDM Acquisition Services, Inc.

LJA Engineering, Inc. (LJA) has acquired KDM Acquisition Services, Inc. (KDM), a property acquisition firm specializing in right-of-way (ROW) services based in The Woodlands, Texas.

KDM adds seven seasoned personnel, with 60 years combined experience in real estate related activities, to LJA’s existing ROW Team to help better serve clients throughout the United States. LJA routinely works with private and public entities such as oil and gas pipeline companies, utilities, solar and wind companies, railroads, public infrastructure, and transportation. We provide comprehensive right-of-way services including route selection, title abstracts/review, due diligence, curative, permitting, survey and survey coordination, negotiation, land and right of way acquisition, damage settlement, GIS solutions/mapping, project tracking, project management, database coordination, document preparation, and relocation assistance.

KDM joins LJA with a great reputation in the industry with both clients and industry professionals. They will join the LJA office in The Woodlands to service existing clients, as well as market LJA’s expanded, comprehensive services.