Stephanie Rainwater
rainwater stephanie

Stephanie Rainwater

Project Manager, Environmental

Master of Science, Environmental Management, Oklahoma State University
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Northeastern State University

Stephanie brings 12 years of experience in wildlife biology, project management, permitting, and consulting. She has conducted jurisdictional wetland delineations and determinations and performed threatened and endangered species habitat, critical habitat, and natural resources assessments for projects in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri, primarily for transportation, energy, and oil and gas operations. She is proficient in floraidentifi cation and faunal surveys, and her areas of expertise include the American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus; ABB) and wetlands. She is federally permitted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to survey for the ABB in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Ohio.

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