Maen Hourani, PE
hourani maen

Maen Hourani, PE

Senior Project Manager, Transportation

Master of Science, Engineering Management, University of Tulsa
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Florida International University

Maen has 35 years of engineering experience, including more than 10 years in utility coordination. His responsibilities include for the design of major highway facilities and the preparation of construction plans, specifications, and estimates, utility coordination and row acquisition coordination. Maen’s design experience includes the preparation of bridge and retaining wall layouts; design of prestressed concrete beam structures and retaining walls; and the geometric design of roadways, ramps, and temporary detours, as well as sue, utility assignment layout, utility agreement preparation and negotiations, utility coordination and engineering, and utility construction support services. Maen has extensive experience in the design and coordination of utility relocations and has worked closely with TxDot, counties, cities, and contractors to resolve utility conflicts. He has experience working with major franchise utility companies, such as SBC, TXU, TWC, southern union gas, pec, LCRA, COA, broadwing, mci, sprint, and Grande, generating more than 80 utility adjustment agreements during the design and construction phases of multiple projects.

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