Kriton Theodoridis, PE
Theodoridis kriton

Kriton Theodoridis, PE

Vice President, Transportation

Master of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Houston
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Houston

As a senior structural engineer in our Transportation division, Kriton utilizes over 18 years’ experience designing bridges including on and off-system bridges, pedestrian and light rail bridges, bridge widenings, viaducts, and multi-level interchanges, nationally and globally. He has designed bridges utilizing reinforced, prestressed, and post-tensioned concrete, as well as straight and curved steel plate girder, and trapezoidal box girder units and has been involved with construction phase services on a twin balanced cantilever bridge. Other structures designed include cantilever/MSE/drilled shaft/sheet pile retaining walls, water and wastewater structures, tunnels and subway stations, boat docks, and post-tensioned tennis courts. His father is an electrical engineer, therefore Kriton’s path into engineering was a natural fit. Structural engineering allows him to see how his many successful projects are used by the public on a daily basis, which gives him a great deal of satisfaction for a job well done.

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