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Houston, Texas

Port Terminal Road Association (PTRA) Hunting Bayou Bridge Double Track

Innovation. The project had several distinct goals, the primary of which was increasing the amount of freight that could be transported over water in a predominantly residential area. Our innovative design linked the land on each side of the bayou via a steel and concrete bridge, substantially augmenting the overall tonnage capacity.

LJA’s project team provided design engineering for the demolition of an existing timber bridge with limited capacity and subsequent replacement with a seven-span, pre-stressed concrete girder double track bridge to handle freight train traffic. The new 210’ bridge increased the available track tonnage, thereby reducing the amount of freight that is transported by truck. The resulting reduction in engine emissions is anticipated to be significant. The entire project was accomplished in less than one year on an aggressive schedule.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Brian Roybal at broybal@lja.com.


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