Stafford Longitudinal, Sanitary Sewer on CSX Right-of-Way

Stafford CSX

Our Goal

LJA’s mission was to perform the construction phase project management and inspection of this multi-year sewer replacement project on CSX right-of-way (ROW). The project included the placement of manholes, cured in place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation, waterline, and a 60-inch micro tunnel under a busy, double main line. LJA coordinated flagging, signal locates, and FCI services and reviewed all construction phase submittals.

The LJA Roadmap

The LJA roadmap included management of the pre-cons for both phases and coordinated flagging/FCI throughout the two-year duration. Our team worked closely with the track supervisor to determine the best use of resources in a busy region, collaborating with the local signals manager to coordinate signal locates and Inductive Interference Studies.

Notable issues management solutions include:
• Work was near a tank car facility yard. During construction, an unmarked underground sewer was struck LJA assisted with mitigation efforts and coordination with the yard.
• Existing drainage structures made design changes necessary. LJA promptly reviewed the design and ensured that the changes were executed per the plan.

What We Offered

  • Right-of-Way
  • Sanitary/Sewer
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Phase Services

Construction Management

Our team managed and performed construction submittal reviews.

Stafford Longitudinal, Sanitary Sewer on CSX Right-of-Way

Construction Phase Services

Additionally, LJA developed lift work plans, ditch modification designs, erosion and slope protection, RFIs, the tower’s drilled foundation work plan, railroad rock catch fence design, and temporary drainage structure designs.

Stafford Longitudinal, Sanitary Sewer on CSX Right-of-Way
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