Environmental Services
& Coastal Engineering


We routinely provide valuable insight to our clients on the optimum approach to safeguarding our precious natural resources. This allows us to steward often compromised and limited resources for the betterment of all. Our Environmental sector specializes in compliance efforts regarding NPDES permit requirements and the development of associated program implementation strategies. We help our clients develop strategic programs that satisfy all applicable state/federal regulations in an efficient manner, while improving the natural resources in their communities.

LJA Environmental includes seasoned professional leaders in the fields of wildlife ecology, aquatic and terrestrial biology, hydro- and karst-related geology, prehistoric and historic archeology, and even architectural, industrial and engineering history. Our unique team of professionals are all recognized experts in their respective fields, each with many years of experience conducting objective and reliable scientific and technical studies. Moreover, each member of our professional staff understands how those studies apply toward achievement of your project’s particular environmental permitting and regulatory compliance needs. Whether you need a single resource specialist or an entire team, call one of our team leaders to discuss an environmental permitting and compliance solution that works for you.

With the recent addition of Horizon Environmental Services and Berg Oliver to LJA’s wealth of environmental talent and resources, we are one of the largest environmental teams in the state of Texas with over 45 dedicated specialists. We are proud of our team size, but even more so because of the comprehensive array of environmental analysis, permitting, and regulatory compliance services we now offer. You have access to a diverse range of professional environmental engineers, planners, and scientists. Together, we can build—and rebuild—a civilization that matters.


Whether by land or by sea, protecting coastal infrastructure and environmental resources in our communities is a key passion of ours. We help our clients develop a framework for maintaining, restoring, and preserving these precious assets. Our Coastal sector’s capabilities include the planning, design, permitting, and construction oversight of shore protection/restoration projects for local communities, the private sector, and port infrastructure clients. Environmental services include multi-agency coordination, environmental assessments, and NEPA clearance. We are pro-active about capital improvement plans, storm damage assessment, and shoreline and wave modeling that give clients the information they need to accurately plan and assess. We keep our coastlines and waterways safe and thriving for generations to come.