John Concienne, CPESC
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John Concienne, CPESC

Vice President, Public Works

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Lamar University

John has garnered over a decade of experience in environmental consulting by managing projects for a wide range of clients needing Phase I and II environmental site assessments, receiving water assessments, stormwater management program (SWMPs), stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWP3) development and implementation, water quality analysis, and development of spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans. Additionally, he has extensive experience with Phase I and II MS4 stormwater management program development, implementation, training, monitoring, and reporting. A hallmark of his career is the prominent role he has played in establishing and maintaining stormwater quality coalitions across Texas. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued the original Phase II MS4 Permit in 2007, and John’s team sought to develop a strategic approach for clients that would not only achieve a high level of effectiveness and compliance, but could be utilized by multiple entities in a common geographic area. The result was the development of shared stormwater management programs and the formation of stormwater quality coalitions across the state. To date, John’s team has been instrumental in forming a total of eight coalitions (stretching from the Texas Gulf Coast to Austin) and currently manages SWMPs for more than 40 MS4s in the states of Texas and Louisiana.

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