Dacio Marin III, PE
marin dacio

Dacio Marin III, PE

Vice President, Public Infrastructure: Transportation

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis, Texas A&M University

Dacio has over 30 years of structural engineering experience specializing in bridge design and analysis, and management. His expertise revolves around developing designs and plan sheets for bridges of all types and complexities, contributing on value engineering teams, and QA/QC review. Dacio oversees three bridge design teams, and negotiates consultant contracts, work authorizations, and fees for the firm. Dacio embraces his favorite Henry Ford quote: Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. "It puts responsibility for the attempt to succeed on the individual. If you have the mindset, you can do anything." He lives that philosophy every day as he leads highly skilled teams solving the unique structural challenges of Texas’ bridges.

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