Public Infrastructure

Fulshear, Texas

Q4 2017

Westpark Tollway Extension Phase 1 (SH 99 to FM 1463)

Quality. Fulshear and Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston, is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. To accommodate traffic for an ever-increasing populace, LJA undertook the conversion of an existing 2-lane roadway into the Westpark Tollway system. The existing Tollway now connects the original tollway to the Grand Parkway west of Houston, and will ease congestion for the 50,000 cars per day traveling this route.

LJA provided construction engineering, management, and inspection for the conversion of the Westpark Tollway in Fort Bend County. Four miles of the existing two-lane FM 1093 was converted into a tollway  including pavement, bridge overpasses, intersection reconfiguration, traffic signals, illumination, toll systems, and sound walls. The original FM 1093 roadway will serve as a frontage road. LJA completed this design while working in coordination with the county and a team of consultants.

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