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New Caney, Texas


Speedsportz Racing Park at Grand Texas

Quality. LJA dealt with many issues during the design of the Speedsportz Racing Park, including accessing offsite utilities and major road construction in the area. Unprecedented rainfall also presented challenges to development of the track, the main access road, and the facilities which had a direct effect on the project’s completion date.

LJA provide complete engineering services for the 43 acre, high-performance, European-style SpeedSportz Racing Park northeast of Houston. The two tracks and adjoining raceway facility feature 125cc Rotax TAG karts that are capable of speeds up to 70 mph. LJA provided full civil designs for the track and facilities including mass grading, and utility and storm drain designs, as well as platting and TxDOT permitting. The new facility is comprised of a total of four buildings including a concession and meeting space with a second floor viewing deck, a separate performance shop with a viewing deck, rental garages for members, and a stacked-kart storage building.

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