Taillon randy

Randy Taillon

Vice President, Survey, Conroe

Randy has over 5 years of experience in the burgeoning UAS industry, 10 years in IT and 35 years in the automotive industry. He is a co-founder of Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions, LLC, (PACS), a leading drone and aerial company with multiple industry firsts and successful proof of concepts for municipal, city and state entities. PACS was one of the first four companies to be credentialed by the National UAS Credentialing Program, a rigorous and comprehensive vetting program developed by Texas A&M, TEEX, Lonestar Center for Excellence and the FAA. PACS is the most qualified and experienced service provider in the engineering and survey space in Texas with 1000’s of hours of LiDAR and Photogrammetry contracts successfully completed. Randy was previously employed by Rice University as their Data Center Operations Systems Support Specialist II and more specifically, wrote a database for them which would allow staff at any location on campus to locate any server, switch or other peripheral device down to it's building, rack, rack location, what network port it was connected to and on what switch.