Land Development

From discovery and financing to surveying and site analysis to planning and design, LJA provides start-to-finish services for every land development need. With over 500 multi-disciplinary personnel working with over 200 special districts and the largest master-planned communities in the southeast, LJA is the most trusted name in engineering for your property.

Land Development Services Divisions

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Public Infrastructure

Building, maintaining, and redeveloping public assets that sustain our cities and municipalities is our primary focus. We understand these vital projects represent a major investment of public funds and can impact mobility, connect people, provide economic stability, and fuel growth.

Public Infrastructure Services Divisions

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Rail Services

LJA Rail is comprised of railroaders completely dedicated to the freight railroad industry, providing experience-driven services for each project. From planning, operations, and design to project and construction management, our freight rail experts are your go-to team to navigate the complexities associated with regulatory agencies, third parties, and other key stakeholders during project development.

Rail Services Divisions

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Energy Services

Whether it is a main line, lateral, or interconnecting pipeline, or related facilities such as pump, compression, and meter stations, we are the go-to team. Our expertise in designing terminals covers the breadth of truck, rail, and intermodal, as well as inland and blue water marine facilities. Quite simply, if it travels via rail, marine, truck, or pipeline, we design the conveyances and storage facilities to get it there in the most expedient and cost-effective manner.

Energy Services Divisions

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Environmental Services & Coastal Engineering

LJA Environmental includes seasoned professional leaders in the fields of wildlife ecology, aquatic and terrestrial biology, hydro- and karst-related geology, prehistoric and historic archeology, and even architectural, industrial, and engineering history. Our unique team of professionals are all recognized experts with years of experience conducting objective and reliable scientific and technical studies.

Environmental Services Divisions

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Every project begins and ends with surveying, so where you start and how you finish – and who you hire – matters. We are committed to providing the highest quality professional surveying and mapping services to all of our clients. LJA utilizes the latest in Advanced Geospatial Technology to deliver premium remote sensing solutions. Our core technology includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), light detection and ranging (LiDAR), hydrographic acoustic imaging, remote sensing, and high-definition laser scanning (HDLS).

Surveying Services Divisions

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