Telecom Wireless

From search ring to on-air, LJA has the expertise and resources to help build your wireless infrastructure on time and on budget. Our seasoned telecom professionals have over 200 years of combined telecom experience and understand the importance of controlling site development costs and speed to market. LJA is known for delivering telecom services on a timely basis, often well ahead of schedule, and for achieving cost-effective solutions that meet financial goals. Our approach to site development, modifications, small cells, and DAS is both centralized and local which reduces cycle time, reduces costs, and streamlines the site development process.

Site Development

Wireless build-outs are complex and deployment schedules are fast -paced. Partnering with the right site development team that has ample resources and industry expertise is critical to the success of your project. LJA is uniquely positioned to drive acquisition milestones and deliver uncompromising results.

Architecture and Engineering

LJA’s in-house architectural and engineering work closely with clients to provide CD’s and structural assessments needed to build and modify a site. We have over 20 experienced A&E professionals, with production facilities in Round Rock, Texas, who can quickly scale up to meet your project demands.

Fiber and Interconnect

Our telecom team is highly experienced in fiber-optic design and engineering work. If you need long-haul backbone, last mile interconnect, or urban area builds, we have the personnel skilled in all phases of network construction, project management, permitting, engineering, construction management, and inspection.

Construction Management

We look out for our clients’ interests through thoughtful strategizing, planning, and execution at every step. Our extensive expertise is based on a concrete understanding of all phases and functions of the Site construction management process that provides our clients with critical information to make the best, most informed decisions.

Site Management

LJA handles the marketing and management of existing wireless infrastructure. We actively market properties to the wireless industry, providing a dedicated business development manager to help grow your properties revenue stream. Our site management process was developed to get our clients wireless tenants quickly and to process lease agreements more effectively.


Site Identification/SCIP

Lease Negotiations

Zoning Assessment and Permitting



Construction Drawings

Zoning Drawings

Lease Exhibits



Structural Analysis

Mount Analysis

Inside/Outside Plant Engineering

Long-Haul Backbone Design

Last-Mile Interconnect

Right of Way Permitting and Acquisitions

Tower Stacking

Tower Modifications/Upgrades

Decommission Work

Property Marketing


Rooftop and Tower Administrative Duties

Detailed Reporting