Electrical Engineering

Services with staying power. Our Electrical division works seamlessly with our in-house engineers and client project representatives to ensure that the electrical/instrumentation/control(EIC) systems as specified are designed and integrated into the associated facility EIC system for smooth start-up operations. Every associated variable regarding services for our client’s projects is considered and planned for upfront to minimize constructional and operational disruptions from the beginning. Start to finish, our team provides comprehensive electrical/instrumentation/control engineering services for the most complex of projects, as well as straightforward installations on smaller jobs.


Site Plan

Equipment Layout

Electrical One Line Diagrams

Building Electrical Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details

Electrical Load Calculations

Major Equipment Specifications and Data Sheets

Instrument Data Sheets

Bulk and Commodity Materials Lists

Conduit Fill Calculations

Power System Studies

Power Quality Analysis

Power Factor Correction Capacitors and Load Banks

Transformer Sizing

Security Systems -Electrical

UPS Sizing – HD Acceptance

Electrical Ladder Logic Diagrams

Conduit Layout

Electrical Details

Panel Schedules and Layouts

Building Lighting Schematics/Drawings/Photometric Analyses

Street/Parking Lot Lighting Schematics/Drawings

Landscape Lighting

Control Schematics

Equipment and Instrument Listing

Hazardous Area Classifications

Grounding Plot Plans

Conduit and Cable Schedules

Electrical Interconnect Diagrams

Completed Material Listing of Bulk Items

Equipment and Instrumentation Listings

Loop Diagrams

Calibration Information

Motor (Hp) Sizing

Variable Frequency Drives/Adjustable Speed Drives

Generator Sizing/Paralleling/Integration

Motor Control Centers [Low Voltage (<600V), Medium Voltage (36KV)] and High Voltage (138KV)

Lift Station -Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls Work