Discovery™/Due Diligence

Discovery™ is a big picture process that analyzes properties using a state-of-the-art investigative process developed exclusively by LJA experts. We utilize a proprietary GIS-based data system that quickly provides an impressive amount of information in an easy-to-understand visual format. This, along with the knowledge of our professional staff, can assist in locating the property that fits your needs, whether it is a property LJA has previously investigated, or one you bring to us. LJA maintains a large collection of data on wetlands, utilities, faults, flood plains, roadways, potential environmental constraints, surrounding areas, amenities, key contacts, regulatory matters, school district information, and appraised land values. This LJA proprietary system takes GIS to the next level and makes it an essential tool in evaluating sites for potential land development.


With most tracts of land, a few key development constraints exist which make or break the project. Potential development constraints uncovered during DiscoveryTM might include inadequate access, an unmanageable flood plain or poor drainage, complicated off-site infrastructure, pipelines and well locations, and many other issues. This preliminary information provided in a Discovery session at the beginning of the project allows the developer to focus attention on these key issues at the onset of the due diligence period. Understanding key constraints early – maximizing the time to resolve the critical issues – turns the due diligence period into “problem-solving” rather than “problem identification.” In this way, LJA helps our clients optimize the limited resources of our client’s development team.


Our Discovery™ process includes knowledgeable staff and the utilization of a GIS-based system for property evaluations in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio metropolitan areas. We provide consultations identifying fatal flaws or development constraints on a tract to help interested parties and prospective land buyers decide whether to proceed to a letter of intent to purchase or to spend additional resources on further analysis. LJA performs property evaluations on potential acquisitions on a continual basis on tracts of all sizes. Using GIS, our staff of experts can conduct a Discovery™ session during a short meeting, saving the interested party weeks or months of research and review.

Political Precincts

If the initial evaluation indicates that the development of the tract appears feasible, we can perform more in-depth feasibility studies that go beyond the scope of Discovery™. These studies give the prospective buyer additional information to accurately value the property and make an educated financial judgment on whether to complete the acquisition.

State-of-the-Art Evaluation

Surface/Subsurface Hazards

Transportation Issue Identification

Flood Area Information

Utilities and Parcel Data

General Information and Maps


Ownership and Ownership Map

Appraised Value


City /County/School Districts

Water/Sanitary Service Areas

Drainage/Stormwater Management


Austin Desired Zone

Drinking-Water Protection Zone

CAMPO 2030 Roadway Plan

Net Site Area

Utility Service and Impact Fees Areas

South San Antonio Limits

Military Zones

FEMA Flood Plain and Floodway


Major Thoroughfares, Roads, and Access

Amenities/Surrounding Areas

Historical Sites

Hazardous Waste

Recharge Zones

Pipelines and Wells

Location Map

Aerial Photo

Infrared Aerial

Fault Map

Topography Map

Flood Zone Map

Wetlands Inventory Map

Zoning Map

Impact Fees