Outstanding Engineering Support

LJA was contracted by LCRA to develop and implement design alternatives to protect the riverbank adjacent to the Garwood River Plant from further erosion caused by flood waters near Eagle Lake, Texas.

Erosion at the project site adjacent to irrigation in-take pipes was caused from several recent flooding events and exacerbated by Hurricane Harvey. Initial site analysis and design concepts were developed to protect the riverbank in front and up-stream of the plant. A combination of protection methods was designed to prevent further bank erosion primarily due to rapid drawdown conditions.

Design of a cantilevered sheet pile structure, rip rap bulkhead toe protection, and riverbank stabilization utilizing both stone riprap and concrete mattresses were incorporated.

LJA provided the following services:

  • Detailed analysis of riverbank evolution to determine design criteria
  • Conceptual design of erosion control structures
  • Geotechnical
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Sheet pile drivability analysis
  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance assistance
  • Final design of best concepts
  • Generate construction documents
  • Bid and Construction Phase services/oversight