New App for District Services

Our GIS Team has recently launched an application serving our district and development clients and is once again leading the industry in innovation. LJA’s “GIS District Web Services” are deployed to ease operations for your entire district or development with combined web access, easy tools, and the ability to include the entirety of your consultants.

LJA’s GIS District Web Services provide a simple and single location for utilities, design/construction plans, project information, and ownership and easement records – all mapped to ease location, searching, and access.

With authentication roles (username and password), each district and user gains access to their water, sanitary, and drainage infrastructure, and can immediately view and download supporting construction plans, easements, and deed information.

Know your District
As you engage in your district activities, it becomes extremely important to maintain organization and an understanding of project information and growth. Our GIS District Web Services provides a simple interface for our clients to navigate through their development, view project activities, and become involved in their mapped infrastructure. Our clients can view and download documents directly from the web-based map or use our list tools to easily move from one project section to the next.

Meeting, Office, and Field Tool
The web-based GIS application is available through any internet connection. The application is used during board meetings to relay ongoing or future projects, used from offices to retrieve and investigate ownership and easement information, and of course used in the field to locate valves, lines or download plans.

Your Consultants
It soon becomes obvious that one of the advantages of implementing our GIS District Web Services is the efficiencies that arise. It is extremely important and beneficial to “know your district” and have access to your projects in the board room, in your office, and in the field.

These in itself are time savers and essential in success, but when you engage your other consultants – allowing them access to your information – efficiencies start to pile up.

The field location services are available for your operator to locate physical items in the field or download appropriate water design plans. Common area maintenance reserves, based on easement information, can be shared with your landscapers or used when bidding costs and utility and lot layouts can be shared with planners for future activities.

Data sharing can also come directly from your other consultants. Operators can provide monthly maintenance or repair items; security patrols can provide engagements; and landscapers can provide mowing activities.

Contact George Culver for more information.