I-610 Expansion

The second most congested highway in Texas (I-610 West Loop) is about to experience a major overhaul. With the price tag of nearly $259 Million, the transformation of I-610 West and I-69 South will improve safety, mobility, and reduce congestion. Currently, these interchanges face high volume one-lane traffic on direct connectors and are safety risks. They have no shoulders, low vertical clearances, below-minimum sight distances, and high crash rates in merge areas. The interchanges are also extremely congested during peak hours of the day.

LJA has partnered with AIA Engineers, Aguirre and Fields, and AECOM to improve this congestion. Originally three individual projects, these work efforts were combined into one single project to reconstruct the entire interchange, funded through TxDOT’s Texas Clear Lanes initiative. The design for the major construction project is complete and utilities work has begun. Construction and detour activities began in January 2018, and are expected to last approximately six years.

In the short-term, Houstonians can expect phased lane closures and night-time and weekend freeway closures during construction. In the future, our communities can expect improved safety, mobility, and a decrease in congestion.

Contact Todd Thurber, PE, Vice President for more information.