GIS Showcases Expertise

Christian Arredondo, GIS Application Developer, live coded his presentation “Angular Routing” at the latest ngHouston meeting. ngHouston is a group dedicated to discussing the latest trends and topics in the Angular framework and is comprised of passionate developers from all skill levels and backgrounds. Way to go, Christian!!

For those of us who need a little primer, we’ve asked Christian a few questions to help us understand the importance of how this type of expertise is such a benefit to LJA and our clients:

  • What is Angular Routing? Angular is one of the most advanced technologies for building web applications, and it’s what we use at LJA GIS. Angular Router, specifically, is a feature that enables smooth navigation between components and pages.
  • What does LJA/GIS use Angular Routing for? LJA GIS uses this in conjunction with other technologies to build fast, data-driven web applications.
  • Why is it a benefit to our clients? LJA GIS focuses on spatial data, in particular, allowing maps to seamlessly integrate with data that is rapidly changing. This provides our clients with a powerful and practical, user-friendly tool for managing a wide range of their projects and information.
  • What types of clients need this? Clients who need these technologies are those who manually assign files, statuses, or services to locations on a map. This process is not only tedious, but can easily become cumbersome as data and projects grow, especially if there is no central and consistent source of communication. The applications we build are custom-made to specifications, address immediate problems, and are designed with the end-user in mind. If you require web solutions to manage project data and wish to engage your business processes in a quick and efficient manner, LJA GIS can help!

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